“The Lions are Everywhere!”

NP Lions: Every Donation Goes Back into New Providence: “The Lions are Everywhere!”

by Tom Montrone

While the New Providence Lions pledge that “every donation received goes back into our community”,  it’s not just donations that the Lions utilized to support New Providence.  The Lions are a “Force Multiplier”, directly supporting or holding many of our community events.  You might be surprised at the depth and breadth of the support our community receives from the Lions.  As we’ve heard from time to time, it seems as if the Lions are everywhere!

Supporting our Emergency Services – When the volunteer fire department needs a piece of equipment such as the heat detector to locate a lost child or a fire inside a wall, the Lions were there to help defray some of the cost.  Our volunteer EMS needed training and evacuation equipment and the Lions contributed.  We also support our local police department, helping fund PBA needs such as the “baseball cards” to help connect our youth with our police officers.

Youth and Seniors – In addition to three $2,000 scholarships, the Lions contribute to NPHS’s Project Graduation, a program that emphasizes auto safety to high schoolers.  We also hold an annual NPMS Peace Poster contest and sponsor youth recreation teams.  The Lions are responsible for the audio system in the DeCorso Senior center, as well as the updated senior reading section in the library.  This dedicated area of the library provides large print and audio books with comfortable reading chairs and magnifying viewers.

Events and Activities – Our Lions hold events, like the annual Easter Egg Hunt (for over 50 years!) and provide support as a “force multiplier” for many activities such as the PBA’s “Pumpkin Carving Contest”, the National Night Out, and the Holiday Tree Lighting.  We not only cook and serve hot dogs at the summer concerts (contributed by the Prestige Diner!), but the Lions also contribute to the Business Association to fund one of the four concerts sponsored by the Association.  We support other Borough events such as the Diversity Committee’s FreeCycle and VFWs Flag Cremation.

Local Charities – Local charities are also supported with direct contributions from the NP Lions.  Eversight, the New Jersey Eye Bank and Camp Marcella for NJ blind children both receive contributions.  We donate to Operation Bling, the Brooke Healy Foundation, Soup Kitchen 411, the Community Service Association and others.  We are the chefs and kitchen and service staff for the CSA’s Pasta Dinner annual fundraiser.

The New Providence Lions are a group of men and women who enjoy giving back to our community and having a good time in the process.  Our meetings, operations, dinners and holiday party are all funded by our dues or directly by members while all donations go back into serving our community.

The New Providence Lions Club is a 501(c)3 organization, giving back to the community 100% of the profits raised.  Organizations that benefit from our annual support include NP Recreation Dept., Fire Dept., Community Service Assoc., EMS Rescue Squad, Senior Citizens Center, PBA, NPHS Scholarships, NP Historical Society, Health Fair, NP Public Library, Drive for Autism,

Soup Kitchen 411, Bonds of Courage and many more!

Being a Lion empowers you to help others in a way that no one person could alone.

The Lions are dedicated to helping others. Lions make a difference!

To Donate: Mail check to NP Lions Club, PO Box 854, New Providence, NJ 07974

For more information/membership please email info@nplions.org, www.nplions.org

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