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Lions Club International’s vision is to be a global leader in community and humanitarian service. Established in 1917, Lions Club International has over 1.4 million members, with 47,000 local clubs in more than 200 countries worldwide. Lions Clubs encourage service-minded people to serve their community without personal financial reward. Lions’ global causes include Vision, Diabetes Awareness, Childhood Cancer, Hunger and the Environment.

The New Providence Lions Club, chartered in 1969, is proud to have served the community of New Providence for half a century and reflects the ethics and ideals of Lions International. We are a vibrant and diverse group of 50+ members, both men and women, from different backgrounds and professions dedicated to giving back. 100% of the funds we raise go back into the New Providence community.  We are a “force multiplier” for community events, with each NP Lion contributing their efforts to the extent possible to help make New Providence a great community to live in and raise a family.

We serve the New Providence community in two ways. First, we raise funds and make donations to those in need and to those organizations that serve the well-being of our community.  Second, by partnering with other New Providence organizations to provide enthusiastic manpower for charity and community events.

We support the community through numerous events such as the Lions Annual Easter Egg Hunt, NPBPA Summer Concert Series, NPPBA Pumpkin Carving Contest, Freecycle Green day, and many more events.  We also help support local charities and town services such as the Community Service Association, American Legion, the volunteer Police and Fire Departments, Library, Senior Center and more. We contribute to our schools through High School Scholarships, safety events and the Middle School International Peace Poster Contest. Also, in certain instances, we have helped local families that have had children with severe medical conditions or other adversities. Our motto is “We Serve”. The New Providence Lions Club strives to help make New Providence a thriving community to live, work and do business. Most importantly, we do all these good things for our community and still manage to share quality experiences and have fun.